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atement. He noted that this year marks both the 65th anniversary of the verdicts at the first Nuremberg trial, a defining moment in international justice, and the 50th anniversary


our national security, and it is exactly the kind of Washington game- playing that the American people are sick of," said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs in a strongly .


nt to prevent the epidemic from spreading throughtout Latin America and the Caribbean." Castro said that nearly 40 percent of Haiti cholera patients have been treated by the 965 Cub.


being done for the flights to start arriving by stages, by days, and we are going to set a system, not of first quality but provisional," Ortega said. Ortega said that they "have a.


al citizens and a Puerto Rican national with a total of 310 kg of cocaine during an operation carried out in coordination with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. SANTO DOMINGO, Jul.

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spokesman Robert Gibbs said. The British general election has produced a "hung parliament" as no party wins an absolute majority, full results showed Friday. Britain's opposition C.

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eement with the FARC. "But the peace agreement has to start on a goodwill," he said, adding that one cannot think of a peace agreement "as long as the criminal activities do not st.

recession, and a majority urge President Barack Obama to focus more on creating jobs, a new CNN poll showed Friday. The results come as the American unemployment rate remained hi.

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